Canada’s Airline Duopoly Sucks

Flying in Canada is unbelievably expensive thanks to two airlines. This un-Canadian airline duopoly has successfully inflated ticket prices and suppressed low-fare competitors for decades. Today, they dominate a combined 85% of domestic airline seats in the country, which is why many Canadians can fly overseas for far less than the price of flying home for Christmas.

Canada’s First Protest in the Sky

Despite our efforts to get the Competition Bureau to act with a sense of urgency, nothing has changed. So we took matters into our own hands and sent the duopoly a message in the one place they think they own: the sky.

Sign the Petition for Fair Airfare

The Canadian Competition Bureau has done almost nothing to address the duopoly problem. But your signature can change everything and make Canadian airfares finally fair. Sign now.


Two airlines control 85% of the domestic market.

Flying to europe is cheaper than flying within canada.

More than 5m canadians cross the border for cheap flights.